Based on a 300 years old recipe.

Sweet Horn was inspired by the traditional Transylvanian pastry known as ‘Kürtőskalács’, ‘Chimney Cake’, ‘Stove Cake’ or ‘Hungarian Wedding Cake’. Up to a foot in length, this 300-year-old delicacy is made from a ribbon of raised sweet pastry wound around a rotating wooden spit and rolled in sugar, which caramelises when baked over an open charcoal fire.
Spanish influence

The Sweet Horn story began in Spain, where we sold thousands of freshly baked, hand-rolled pastries according to the 300-year-old recipe. During that time, we took on board advice from top Spanish chefs and modified the form factor of our pastries in keeping with Mediterranean culinary traditions.
A savoury twist

For centuries, chimney cakes have only been served as a sweet delicacy, but innovation is in our blood, so we created a unique savoury version of the original pastry recipe. The dough is raised and baked just like the Sweet Horn Classic, producing pastry of the same deliciously light and fluffy texture.
Products developed for the modern lifestyle

We wanted to make food that could be enjoyed any time, anywhere and by anyone. Perfect both to eat on the go or sit down and savour, our four products, two sweet and two savoury, offer a new and strikingly different option to anyone looking for good food without the wait.
Optimised freezing process

Our goal was to deliver long shelf life and flexible serving options without ever compromising on quality. That's why all our products are shock frozen immediately after baking to maintain that authentic, freshly baked flavour without the use of preservatives.
Individually packed

Each Sweet Horn is individually packed to reach you in perfect condition. Our attractive, hygienic packaging protects our products every step of the way, allowing them to be transported frozen, defrosted on the shelf and heated in the microwave.