Based on a 300 years old recipe.
All Sweet Horn products are fully baked, shock frozen and
individually packaged in microwave-safe film. This not only
guarantees freshness and hygiene, it also means they can
be stored for up to a year at -18°C and simply thawed ready to
be served any time, anywhere. Once defrosted, Sweet Horn
products can be stored chilled (0-7°C) for up to 5 days.

The great thing about the Sweet Horn Classic, that is con-
venient for you. Whether you thaw and serve, heat them
from chilled or directly from frozen, you will have a delicious
snack ready to eat in less than a minute.
And the Cheesecake Dessert is even easier, simply defrost
in the fridge or at room temperature and enjoy.

You simply can't go wrong - just remember not to
remove the microwave-safe packaging, use low
power and keep the heating time short to prevent