Based on a 300 years old recipe.
300-year-old recipe

The most delicious baked goods have always been made from yeast-raised dough. We have upheld this tradition by sticking closely to the original recipe of our grandmothers - and their grandmothers before them.
Finest ingredients

We only use six ingredients, all of them free from artificial additives and sourced only from those top German producers able to consistently meet our stringent quality requirements.
Traditional baking method

The raised dough is wound around a spit, rolled in sugar and slowly rotated as it bakes, giving the pastry a wonderfully soft and springy texture on the inside and a crispy crust on the outside.
No additives or preservatives

It is one of our core principles to avoid the use of additives of any kind. All Sweet Horn pastries are entirely free form artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives.
Frankfurter - 88% German pork

The distinctive flavour of our Hotdogs comes from the finest German pork and our unique seasoning. The sausages are boiled and smoked according to the traditional Frankfurter recipe.
Bratwurst - Authentic German flavour

This classical German grill sausage in our Bratdogs contains only the best cuts of pork, seasoned with a special blend of spices developed exclusively for Sweet Horn to suit the international palate. The meat content of our Bratwursts is extremely high at over 90%.
Real Cream Cheese

We experimented with dozens of real cream cheeses to find the right flavour to create a light yet satisfying dessert that is truly one of a kind. With a hint of vanilla and a slight tang, our cheesecake filling is the perfect complement to our unique pastry.
Manufacturing facility

Our factory in Geilenkirchen, Germany, was completed in summer 2012 to our exact technology and quality specifications.
Production line

Without ever compromising on taste, we have spent 7 years developing a custom designed and built production line specifically for this unique pastry product. We have taken the original recipe passed down through the centuries and replicated the traditional baking technique with a custom-built production line.

Our highly advanced, individual packaging keeps our products in perfect condition in the freezer, at room temperature and in the microwave.

Our production processes meet the international IFS Food standard version 6, guaranteeing the consistently high quality of our products.

We are constantly refining our production processes and exploring new recipes and product lines, in keeping with our company motto: Tradition with a Twist.